Des Moines Women's Health Care

We strive to provide high quality women’s healthcare for the Des Moines, Iowa area that embodies good evidence-based medicine and promotes the openness to life and the value of children by respecting the unitive and procreative components of marriage.

Preventative Care

Annual preventative care is vital to disease detection and prevention. It is recommended to make an appointment on a yearly basis for a well woman exam. The following will be included with your exam:

  • Physical Exam and History
  • Detailed Breast Exam
  • Fasting Labs (if indicated)
  • PAP Smear
    • Recommended Every 3 Years for Women Age 21-29
    • Recommended Every 5 Years for Women Age 30-65
  • Mammogram (Order will be provided)
    • Baseline Screening Recommended at Age 40-44
    • Annual Screening Recommended at Age 45-54
    • Screening Every 2 Years Recommended at Age 55-75
  • Colonoscopy
    • Recommended at age 50

Obstetrical Care

We offer personalized obstetric care where you will see the same physician, Dr. McKernan, and nurse, Kaatlyn, at each of your visits. Dr. McKernan is privileged at Mercy Medical Center and does all deliveries at the downtown hospital. Dr. McKernan is currently only able to do vaginal deliveries even though his training included c-section and VBAC deliveries.

Dr. McKernan maintains good relationships with qualified OB/GYN physicians that are able to do these deliveries at Mercy and he will still be present for the delivery at your request. We are able to do OB care for patients who wish to have a VBAC until 30 weeks and then a referral is made. We are able to do all OB care for patients with repeat C-sections; however, we will refer you at 36 weeks for a consult with the surgeon.

OB Appointment Schedule

  • Initial Appointment - Please call us as soon as you have a positive pregnancy test to inquire about our miscarriage and prematurity prevention program.
  • 8 Weeks - Initial Ultrasound
  • 12 Weeks - Physical Exam w/ Labs & PAP
  • 16 Weeks - Routine Visit
    • All routine visits will include weight check, blood pressure, urinalysis, fetal heart tone monitoring and fundal height measurement.
  • 20 Weeks - Structural Ultrasound (Gender)
  • 24 Weeks - Routine Visit + GTT Order Given
  • 28 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 30 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 32 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 34 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 36 Weeks - Routine Visit + GBS Screening
  • 37 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 38 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 39 Weeks - Routine Visit
  • 40 Weeks - Biophysical Profile Ultrasound, Non-Stress Test, Cervix Check & Routine Visit
  • Postpartum Visit - 3 weeks after delivery

Natural Family Planning

We teach the Creighton Model Fertility Care System which utilizes the observation and charting of biological markers that accurately indicate if a woman is naturally fertile or not fertile. This allows a couple to decide to achieve or avoid pregnancy with precise accuracy and without negative side effects.

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